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ICCFD7 Best Student Paper Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the first ICCFD Best Student Paper Awards.

1st Place (Tied – 2 winners)

Christina Schrödinger
Institut für Strömungsmechanik und Technische Akustik, Germany
Numerical Studies on the Impact of Equivalence Ratio Oscillations on Lean Pre-mixed Flame Characteristics and Emissions; ICCFD7-3401

Shayan Moini-Yekta
NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Towards Hybrid Grid CFD Simulations of the Launch Environment; ICCFD7-3102

2nd Place

Collin Otis
University of Pittsburgh, USA
A Semi-Unstructured Multi-Block Fourth-Order Energy Stable Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory Finite Difference Scheme; ICCFD7-1602

3rd Place

Oliver Krüger
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Ultra-Wet Operation of a Hydrogen Fueled GT Combustor: Large Eddy Simulation Employing Detailed Chemistry; ICCFD7-3403